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For longer than twenty years, Desert Valley Locksmith has been serving the Desert Valley with top-tier locksmith services at affordable prices. Throughout the years, our Hesperia-based locksmith business has gained the reputation for having the most experienced team of professional locksmiths. We proudly service both residential and commercial customers of all sizes. No job is too big or too small! Furthermore, our commitment to our customers doesn't stop at just great customer service, we also take great pride in ourselves on offering some of the most competitive prices you'll find.

At Desert Valley Locksmiths, we try to stand above all other locksmith companies in the area. Throughout our many years of experience in the locksmith business, our staff has mastered the most advanced techniques in both locksmithing and security. In today's world where we depend more and more on technology, we've stayed committed to keeping up with the latest technologies in vehicle locks and keys, security systems, and more. As you can recognize, we are not just another low cost locksmith. Contact us the next time you're in need of a locksmith and find out for yourself why we stand above the rest.

We would not have come to be one of the highest-rated locksmiths in the High Desert without the assistance our exceptional team of professional mobile locksmiths. Our family-ran business has always been very selective about who we bring on to our team. All of our locksmiths have years of experience in the industry and have gone through intense training to become some of the best in the business. While some businesses you may find online or in the phone book are just basic home or car keys locksmiths, our crew has the skilled knowledge to handle more complex jobs. Read on to learn more about our extensive list of services.

Professional Locksmith Services for Your Business in Adelanto

The next time you're in your office, take a look around and you'll notice just how much you rely on locks to secure your property and sensitive information. Business owners like you call on us every day to assist them with their commercial property and automobile security. When you happen to be in need of help with your business locks, you don't have time to sit around and wait for hours or even days for a locksmith to show up. That's why we're committed to answering every service call as quickly as possible. Our talented locksmiths are equipped to handle any job, so we can get you back to business as usual in no time flat. Not only can we service any locking mechanism within your office, but we can also help you with locks in your company cars as well.

You may not believe that you'll ever need a locksmith for your company cars, but the unexpected does happen from time to time. If you have a fleet of company vehicles, it's a great idea to have the number of a trusted locksmith on hand. You would be surprised to learn just how frequent it is for employees to accidently lock their keys in their company vehicle. It's also not unheard of for keys to be broken in the ignition of a company truck. If you find yourself in need of an emergency locksmith, call our office and we can send someone to your location. We know how important your time is, so we do everything we can to answer your service calls as quickly as possible.

Another way that we support our business customers is through our security and code compliance services. Perhaps your business would benefit from a complete security audit. We can do a full-inspection of all the locks, windows, and other security measures throughout your property and suggest ways they can be improved on. For businesses that need to follow with certain safety codes enforced by their city or state, we also offer code compliance consultations to make sure that your door and locks are up to safety standards.

Some other ways we can help your business enhance your security is through our rekeying services. One of these days, you may find that circumstances require you rekey some or all of the locks through your commercial property. This could happen when a keyholder leaves your company or if a set of your company keys has been misplaced or stolen. Not only do we offer complete rekeying services, but we can also help you put into place a master key system as well. With a master key, a single key can open many doors throughout your building. However, you still have the option to give other employees keys that open only a single door. Master keys are both convenient and a great security safeguard to have in your business.

If you oversee several commercial properties, or if you are a multi-unit residential property manager, there are many ways we can support your business as well. We offer prompt rekeying services when a tenant moves out as well as emergency services if you or your tenants become locked out of your building.

Your Most Trusted Residential Locksmith in Adelanto

Window and door locks are integral to your home security. However, many homeowners put off having their locks repaired or replaced because they're afraid a professional locksmith will be too expensive. However, at Desert Valley we are committed to being an affordable locksmith as well as providing our residential customers with top-tier service.

In the event of an emergency, such as being locked out of your home, you want to know that your locksmith will be able to respond to your distress call as fast as possible. Just give us a call and we will quickly dispatch one of our friendly locksmiths to your home.

There are numerous non-emergency services that we offer our residential customers as well. For instance, when was the last time you checked all of the locks on your windows? Properly working window locks are important for protecting your home against a break in. Let one of our skilled-locksmiths inspect your home to ensure that all of your window locks are in good working order. We replace locks on all types of windows, including glass patio doors.

What's more, we offer complete home security inspection services. First, we will ensure that all of your door and window locks are working properly. Next, we can make recommendations for ways that you can improve upon your home security. Our experienced team members can even help you with the installation of a new home security system. Once we're done upgrading your home's security, you'll be able to rest easy at night knowing that your family is completely protected.

Finally, you may one day find that you're in need of completely rekeying all of the locks in your home. Why might this be necessary? There are several cases where it's a good idea to change out the locks at your residence. Most commonly, our customers will contact us when they move into a new home. There's a sense of security that comes with knowing that there is no chance that someone you don't know has a key to your house, which is where our friendly locksmiths come in.

No job is too large or too small for our emergency locksmiths. We understand how important it is for you to be able to get back to your regular everyday life which is why we strive to be the fastest responding locksmiths in the High Desert.

Top-Rated Services at Competitive Prices in Adelanto

You may think that locksmiths can be costly, especially if you have to make an emergency call to have a locksmith come out right away. It's true, many locksmith companies will take advantage of the fact that your situation is critical. However, at Desert Valley Locksmith, we don't believe in taking advantage of our customers, especially during a time when they need us most.

One of many ways we've been able to develop a reputation as one of the best High Desert locksmiths in Adelanto is by providing our customers with fair, upfront pricing. So, the next time you need a local locksmith, turn to the company with the most experience, the best team, and the most competitive pricing in town. We have been providing home and auto locksmith services for over twenty years, and we are the best at what we do. So whether you need to rekey locks on your car, or upgrade your home security system, we are standing by to serve you for all of your locksmith needs, large or small.

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